Do you ever want to just dwell in the fray? In that hazy edge between the thing and where the thing ends?


Jen Arron's 2017 body of work, WEAVE ME, is  best described as the outcome of stepping over a threshold. With one foot in the past and the other in the future, Arron’s work clearly reflects her transition from traditional photography to a playful exploration of fibers, textiles and the free form of weaving. With a heavy focus on studio based practice her installation speaks directly to the importance of process.


The installation’s collaged layers loosely represent what she holds sacred, the mundane, the letting go, a rebirth, our everyday.  Fragments are taped to the walls, strung from the ceiling, complete & almost there, written in journals, glued to pages, pressed onto cabinet doors, stuck to the mirrors. The viewer is encouraged to explore and make connections. To be curious and imaginative yet succumb to the hazy edge, the moment before transformation.