helping you remember / by Jen Arron

I have this thing where I love to be needed. More than that, I love being helpful. Seriously, I thrive when I can be supportive. I've come to embrace this part of my personality. It helps me while I'm shooting too. For example, I think about what I would want to come away with if I hired a photographer to capture my family. I would want someone to give me images of my family in the amazing ways I see them everyday in my life.

When I go into a house for a Family Shoot, my goal is to create pictures for the parents of their kids, the way they see them all the time. I want to help parents hold onto this time in their life. To be able to look at these images later in life and remember how it felt, how small the kids were, how much everyone loved each other, how sometimes children play behind the couch, how the baby looks in that living room light...

It makes me feel good to know I'm part of helping my family clients remember these times.